Turn idle patents into cash cows

We are the leader in Full Service Patent Monetization

According to the Harvard Business Review, “Corporate America is wasting a staggering $1 trillion in underutilized patent assets."

IPNav’s integrated, end-to-end solution turns idle IP assets into revenue streams.  Using its proprietary Patent Monetization Platform, IPNav unlocks the value trapped in our clients’ IP portfolios – with timetables and objectives set by the client. 

To the inexperienced, monetization can seem a dauntingly complex challenge -- legally, technically, and financially.  Many monetization providers make it sound even more complex than it is.

IPNav’s clients don’t care about the complexities – they care about results:

  • How much money can we expect?
  • How soon can we get it?
  • How will a monetization campaign affect our core business objectives?

Managing an effective patent monetization campaign requires:

Detailed patent and product analysis: Compiling, tagging, and mining data on patent claims and commercial products – in the US, EU, and Asia – and updating this on a real-time basis;  following market trends for IP licensing rates, in order to set risk adjusted prices that will close deals quickly – without leaving excess money on the table

Claims analysis: Analyzing the claims in a given portfolio—whether a small number or thousands -- and analyzing each of those claims to assess the business case for the best way to monetize

Experts:  Retaining, consulting and managing technical, industry, and royalty experts to confirm the analysis, confirm industry practices, and establish appropriate royalty rates

Inventors: Retaining, consulting, and coordinating with the inventors as needed

Strategic Prosecution:  Assembling and retaining a prosecution team with extensive experience in writing relevant claims and dealing with the threat and practice of reexamination

Vendors:  Retaining, managing, and controlling costs for multiple vendors, including tear down experts, translation services, and document review providers

Legal Counsel: Retaining top licensing and litigation counsel in every relevant jurisdiction

Money:  To pay for all of the above

IPNav has invested years and millions of dollars to master this complex process and create a Full Service Patent Monetization Platform that no other company can match.  Since 2003, we’ve earned more than half a billion dollars for our clients. 

To learn more about the benefits of Full-Service Patent Monetization, see Why IPNav?