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Patent cases still pour into East Texas
August 31, 2014

IPNav CEO Erich Spangenberg interviewed in the Dallas Morning News

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Interview with IPNav President at IPBC 2014
July 15, 2014
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DDD appoints IPNav as its strategic patent advisor
March 19, 2014

DDD Group plc (AIM: DDD; OTCQX: DDDGY), the advanced imaging and 3D solutions company, has appointed IP Navigation Group (IPNav) as its strategic patent advisor.

Following two decades of research and development in the field of stereoscopic 3D and advanced imaging, DDD has created an extensive international patent library. Many of these patents have formed the basis for technologies that have been shipped with over 38 million 3D consumer products since 2010 including televisions, PCs and smartphones, firmly establishing the value of these innovative concepts and inventions.

The appointment is the result of DDD's extensive search for an established partner... 

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IPNav CEO Erich Spangenberg "Talkin' Trolls" at Consumer Electronics Show
January 12, 2014

IPNav CEO Erich Spangenberg participated in a panel discussion at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The panel discussion can be viewed at this link.

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TCS and IPNav Client Marathon Patent Group Enter Patent Alliance
September 30, 2013

TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. (TCS), a world leader in highly reliable and secure mobile communication technology, and a subsidiary of Marathon Patent Group (MARA), a client of IPNav, the world's leading full-service patent monetization firm, today announced that TCS and Marathon have entered into a patent alliance, whereby Marathon has acquired certain patents from TCS' wireless data patent portfolio.

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IPNav Backs Start-Up Ditto in Patent Fight
September 24, 2013

IPNav is helping a 15-person startup, Ditto Technologies, fight off a patent lawsuit from WellPoint, a 45,000 employee health insurance giant.

"...he [IPNav CEO Erich Spangenberg] offered her [Ditto CEO Kate Endress] a deal: IPNav would pay all of Ditto’s legal costs. And if they were successful in beating back the 1-800 CONTACTS lawsuit, IPNav would get a $1 million stake in Ditto." "...This is a lifeline for us,” Endress said."

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IPNav CEO Erich Spangenberg profiled in NYTimes
July 14, 2013

His clients, who pay IPNav a percentage of any recovery, contend that he earns every dollar and praise him as a hero.

“Erich saved our bacon,” said Steve Dodd, a patent holder with a client company called Parallel Iron. “We were more than $1 million in debt and I was getting ready to file for bankruptcy.”

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NYTimes: How a Typical Patent Battle Took an Unexpected Turn
July 13, 2013

WHAT would the country’s “most notorious patent troll” advise a guy under attack from a patent troll? Or, put more judiciously, a company that bears the outward appearance of a patent troll?

I posed this question to the man with the notoriety, Erich Spangenberg, who runs IPNav...

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IPNav Capital Leads Financing for MPG
June 03, 2013

IPNav Capital leads $6.0 million financing round for Marathon Patent Group.  

"IPNav Capital is excited to be the co-lead investor in Marathon," said Jonathon Skeels, Vice President of IPNav Capital. "We have been working closely with Marathon's executive team and we believe they are building an attractive platform in the patent market."

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IPNav Launches Website in Korean
May 28, 2013

IPNav announced launching a website in Korean, reflecting the country's growing importance as a global IP center.

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