Realize the full market potential of your research

The challenge for universities

"Many of the benefits of U.S. university-based technology transfer have been concentrated in a few communities such as Silicon Valley. Eleven of the approximately 200 members of the Association of University Technology Managers contribute more than half of its technology transfer revenue. This suggests that some university communities may not be bringing to market the full potential of their research." 
science progress,  “Jumpstarting University Technology Innovation Ecosystems”

Some large universities generate more than a billion dollars per year in licensing revenues.  However, not all educational institutions effectively monetize their intellectual property.  IPNav’s Full Service Patent Monetization Solution can give every university the ability to:

  • Reduce dependence on government funding for research and development
  • Increase the total amount of funding available
  • Acquire unrestricted funding in the form of licensing revenue
  • Turn inventions into products to benefit the public
  • Reward faculty members for their efforts
  • Encourage faculty members to invent by sharing licensing proceeds with them and their departments

Universities face barriers to monetization that IPNav can help overcome.  For example:

  • Universities may lack the human resources flexibility to ramp staff up and down in response to licensing opportunities.
  • Narrow academic “silos” may prevent complementary IP in various branches of the university from being bundled into marketable portfolios.
  • Technology transfer departments may lack the global market data to determine what IP is worth to buyers in different countries and industries.

IPNav has already helped a number of major educational institutions.  Learn more about why IPNAV is the choice of universities worldwide.  


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