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Who we are


Company Overview

IPNav is the leader in full-service patent monetization, offering turnkey solutions to patent owners seeking to maximize the value of their IP assets. 

Since 2003, the IPNav team has negotiated over 600 licensing transactions on behalf of its clients and affiliated companies, producing over half a billion dollars in direct licensing revenue and cash settlements. 

IPNav is based in Dallas, Texas. 

Company Evolution

IPNav was founded as a platform to provide monetization services to patent assertion holding companies owned by Erich and Audrey Spangenberg. These holding companies hold over 100 U.S. patents that have generated hundreds of millions of dollars through monetization campaigns managed by IPNav. 

Through its experience servicing these holding companies, IPNav honed its patent expertise, collected substantial market data, developed a proprietary approach to evaluating patent portfolios, established strong relationships within the patent ecosystem, and developed significant credibility as a counterparty. 

In response to an increasing flow of calls from other large corporations, non-practicing entities (“NPEs”), and inventors, IPNav began accepting more third party patent owners as clients from 2008 through 2010. 

In 2011, IPNav began actively marketing its services to third party patent owners, including universities and governments.

IPNav’s clients and transaction partners include a large and diverse group of Global 500 corporations, universities, non-profit organizations, and a European government agency.

IPNav itself does not own patents and will never own any patents and threaten or sue any company for patent infringement.  IPNav remains committed to best serving its clients in the monetization and protection of their intellectual property. 

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